Since the Simcoe County Museum is closed and the HCEA is not meeting this year, Gary, Marv, Jim, Bruce & I are doing some volunteer work at the Coldwater Mill. Again we are there one day a week Tue. Getting some exhibits ready & generally doing some grunt work.

We had to go down in the basement to shore up the floor because they had some pretty heavy machines to support. A safety chain so people don’t fall in.

The up stairs is getting work done to use for events, Christmas Market, reception, etc..

There are some beautiful quilts on display & we’re working on some old equipment for display.


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Spring Equinox

This morning at 0721 at Lat 44 45.0N & Long 79 52.9W in Midland ON Canada the Equinox arrived over Georgian Bay, temp 1C clear sky.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been trying to get as much skiing in as I can as the season will end soon.

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Summer Solstice 2020

On Sat 20 June at 05:44 the summer solstice occurred, sun rise was at 05:36. Alexis & I went down to the lake  to see if we could get some pictures of it, she’s not normally up that early.

And for every sun rise we must have a sun set.

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Repaired Fence

Finally after 9 very sweaty, long hard days we have finished repairing our fence. The last couple of days were spent doing landscaping & reseeding grass.

And we have the other side of the yard.

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On Wed 10 June we had a wind storm with winds of 115k along with a power outage that lasted about 12 hours. Which resulted in our fence & our neighbours fence been blown over.

Now it was time to remove the old posts, which was easier said then done. The old fence had to be taken apart since we used the old fence boards, we replaced the old 4×4 posts with 6×6 posts to make the fence stronger. We hired some one with a back hoe & auger to do all that which took two days.

After all that it was a matter of replacing all the boards, we had some hot days with temps in the mid to high 20 C we also have to do some landscaping.

To end it all I had to have a few cold ones along with a camp fire & wiener & marshmellow roast.

After 13 years hope this fence lasts longer then that

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Sugar Shack

It’s that time of year again to make Maple Syrup. The season normally lasts 4-6 weeks depending on weather, starting late Feb early Mar ending middle to late Mar. We need temperatures between –4C over nights to +4 C day time for a good flow of sap. First we tap the trees, normally no more then three depending on the seize of the tree, then we gather the sap, then boil it down.

We hang buckets or use a line. The ratio is 40/1; in other words it takes 40 liters of sap to make 1 liter of syrup, what you see is the steam as we evaporate the water from the sap. We have 100 taps at Wye Marsh so rule of thumb is 1 tap- 1 liter of syrup.

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We are a group made up of volunteers who come in and work on the equipment. It’s a group who have different skills to offer, mechanics, welders, tool & die, etc. Some come on weekends or evenings, some of us on Tuesdays. Here are just some of the many volunteers who make up this great group.

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Last Blast

We had our Last Blast on Saturday, beautiful sunny weather and a good turn out.There was lots of equipment out & running around. The pit was busy for the public to see what we are all about, which is the restoration & maintenance of old construction equipment. The next couple of weeks we’ll start putting it away for the winter, covering up what doesn’t go inside and wrapping the rest.

Had another good year still lots of work left to do.

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I’m having some problems with publishing my posts so I’ll try again. We’ve been doing a lot of work on the Link-Belt with the transmission/clutch getting it in & out. The clutch was seized so we cleaned it and then put it back but we had some problems after we got it back in and had to take it out again .

It is a work in progress and not finished yet.

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Another project we have been working is the Link-Belt. The clutch is stuck, so first we had to remove the clutch which took a couple of days. Not much room in there to move around. First we had to remove the transmission, which had other problems, then get the clutch out, clean it up and then put everything back in.

And then came the hard part putting it all together again.

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